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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What furniture is included in the rental fee?

A: All necessary furniture is included in the rental fee, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your event at Suite One Eleven.

Q: Can I drop off decor prior to my contracted time?

A: Yes, early drop-offs for decor can be arranged with prior scheduling, streamlining your event preparation process.

Q: Can decor stay at the venue overnight after my event?

A: Absolutely, decor can be accommodated overnight, provided it is scheduled in advance, offering convenience for post-event logistics.

Q: May we hang decor from the ceiling?

A: Hanging decor from the ceiling is permitted, subject to approval, allowing for creative and personalized event setups.

Q: Can I use candles?

A: Yes, candles are allowed but must be in proper votives, ensuring a safe and elegant atmosphere for your event.

Q: What grand exit items are allowed?

A: Grand exit items are discussed on an individual basis, tailoring the experience to your unique vision for a memorable send-off.

Q: Who do I rent china, glassware, and linens from?

A: Suite One Eleven offers two choices of linens. For varied options, we recommend a rental company for multiple colors of linens and china, ensuring a customizable and diverse selection.


Q: What bar services do you provide?
A: Suite One Eleven provides a full-service bar with both well and top-shelf offerings. Our experienced bartenders excel in craft cocktails, enhancing the beverage experience for your event.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: Outside beverages are not allowed on the premises of Suite One Eleven, ensuring compliance with our bar services policies.

Q: Can the bar serve shots of alcohol?

A: Absolutely, shots can be served if approved by the Bride and Groom, adding a personalized touch to your beverage service.

Q: What time will the bar close?
A: The bar typically closes at midnight unless a different closing time is pre-scheduled by the Bride and Groom, allowing flexibility for your event timeline.


Q: Do you have extension cords?

A: Suite One Eleven has a limited supply of extension cords. It is advisable to plan ahead and bring any additional cords needed for your specific A/V setup.

Q: Are there audio/visual elements available?
A: Suite One Eleven boasts two separate sound systems, one for the DJ and another for the entire space. We also have inputs for videos that you bring in with you. The overhead system can be used at no cost, offering versatile A/V options for your event.


Q: Can I use a caterer that is not on your list?
A: Yes, you can use a non-listed caterer, but a Kitchen Fee will apply, providing flexibility in your catering choices.

Q: Can I use food trucks?
A: Absolutely, food trucks are welcome at Suite One Eleven, adding a unique and trendy culinary experience to your event.



Q: Is your location convenient?
A: Suite One Eleven is conveniently located within city limits, allowing guests to leave their vehicles at the venue parking lot, ensuring a safe and accessible travel option.

Q: How do I secure my event date?
A: The down payment varies depending on the type of event, providing flexibility for securing your preferred date at Suite One Eleven.

Q: What is the security deposit?
A: A $500 Refundable Damage Deposit is due at the signing of the contract, providing an added layer of security for your event.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks, offering convenient payment options for our clients.

Q: Is rehearsal time included in the venue rental fee?
A: Yes, rehearsal time is included in the venue rental fee, ensuring you have ample time to prepare for your special day.

Q: Who must attend my final walkthrough?

A: The person whose name is on the contract should attend the final walkthrough, ensuring clear communication and alignment of expectations.

Q: Can I purchase additional hours?
A: Yes, additional hours can be purchased, provided they are determined in advance, giving you flexibility in extending your event duration.

Q: Do you have an on-site designated get-ready area?

A: Yes, we have a Bridal Suite, offering a comfortable and well-equipped space for pre-event preparations.

Q: How late can events go?
A: Typically, events at Suite One Eleven conclude at midnight, providing a standard timeline for your celebrations.

Q: Do you have a site fee for wedding receptions at your venue?
A: Yes, there is a site fee for wedding ceremonies at Suite One Eleven, ensuring a tailored package for your specific event needs.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of your venue?
A: Suite One Eleven can accommodate up to 400 seated guests and 700 cocktail guests, providing a spacious and versatile venue for various event sizes.

Q: How many event spaces or rooms does your venue offer?

A: Suite One Eleven offers one expansive event space, streamlining the venue selection process for your convenience.

Q: What event services do you offer?

A: Suite One Eleven offers a comprehensive range of event services, including Bar, DJ, Lighting, Bridal Suite, Photo Booth, Decor Design, and Event Coordination, ensuring a one-stop solution for your event needs.

Q: What event items are available?

A: Suite One Eleven provides a diverse selection of centerpiece decor and more, offering a variety of options to enhance the aesthetics of your event.

For additional questions about your event at Suite One Eleven, please contact our Venue Director at or give us a call at (402) 417-6540, ensuring personalized assistance and detailed information for your unique event requirements.

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